10+ Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

Shopping for guys is notoriously challenging, and when Valentine’s Day comes around, you may feel like you don’t have many options. But we argue that there is always something better for man in your life, and we would like to help you find just the thing.

Of course, there are the tried-and-tested options like the perfect pair of slippers, an upgrade for his PlayStation, or a jacket, but if he isn’t into material things, consider gifting an experience, whether it is making chocolate truffles, mastering poker, or driving his dream vintage car.

These are the 10+ unique valentines day gift ideas for him 2023;

  1. Wooden Docking Station

Mornings hunting for his lost keys won’t be a thing anymore with this personalized docking station that will allow him to charge his phones and keep all of his other peripherals organized and in easy reach.

  1. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Give your favourite caffeine addict the gift of always having a warm cup of coffee at hand with this app-controlled mug that keeps your drink at a selected temperature setting for more than one and a half hours.

  1. Jerky Heart

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach—this selection of 10 different jerky flavours is a bit of both for the hungry guy.

  1. Poker Lessons from Daniel Negreanu

His game nights with the boys will get a severe raise (puns intended) when he’s finished with the tutorials of ropes from the six-time World Series of Poker champ Daniel Negreanu.

  1. Craft Beer Club

Variety is the colour of life, especially for beer-lovers. So give your favourite brew lover the gift of expanding his taste with 12 monthly beers in four different styles from top craft brewers all over the country.

  1. Two-Tone Money Clip

Playful and elegant, this 14k gold and stainless steel money clip is the perfect gift for the stylish guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

  1. Ticket Stub Diary

Everyone from sports fans to concert lovers to movie buffs will love this handy way to keep tickets made of special memories securely.

  1. Downton Abbey Blended Whisky

Give him the royal treatment with this tasty, Downton-inspired sip.

  1. Aristocrat’ Scuff Slipper

This cushioned leather slipper is a fan favourite for a super comfortable lounging shoe that appeals to his stylish demands.

  1. Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet with Hot Handle Holder

Now encourage your Valentine to indulge his love for cooking with a cast-iron skillet.

  1. UGG Robe

For men who like to be cosy now and then, this bathrobe from comfy boot brand UGG makes for an excellent gift. It’s fantastic for a movie night or a wintery evening.

  1. Nightcap Cocktail Recipe Book

A nightcap cocktail is a perfect way to begin any evening, and this foil-wrapped manual includes more than 50 recipes for cocktails.

  1. Deodorant Subscription

The guy in your life has come a long way since high school, so why is he still using the same old “manly-scented” deodorant? This subscription service not only gives him customizable formulas and sophisticated scents to his taste, but it also gives him an elegant, refillable metal-and-leather tube that he can show off on the shelf. 

When it comes to giving gifts, the most important thing to remember is that every gift must feel personal and personally curated. It need not be the most expensive thing on display as long as it has some thoughts put into it. 

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