Celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday by Planning a Surprise Party for Him and Her

Friends play an important role in life. Without them, life is as plain as eating simple food every day. Just as we want different tastes in food for different meals, we have some emotional and psychological requirements which can be fulfilled with a friend. It is a friend who motivates in life and supports in every aspect. It is a friend who makes life worth living. To celebrate the birthday of your friend you must require some cool ideas. You can plan a big surprise party for him. These days gifts are available online. You can send online birthday gifts to your friend living in India by using this website, OyeGifts. It provides the facility of fastest delivery within hours after placing the order. 

Let us see some of the amazing gift options available:

  • Lord Buddha statue

Lord Buddha statue meditating Lord Buddha statue helps increase the focus and concentration. People sit near this statue and try to meditate in the same posture as Lord Buddha. Through this statue is a river flowing down from mountains is depicted near which Lord Buddha is sitting and meditating. You can send this gift to your loved ones to increase the positivity and peace in their life.

  • Birthday cake

A birthday is incomplete unless a cake is present. You can surprise your friends and relatives by sending them a delicious butterscotch cake which is crunchy in every bite. Happy birthday is written in the centre using the chocolate cream. This cake is garnished with nuts to increase the effect of crunchiness.

  • Jade plant

Plants are so important in our life. These days people are demanding plants which can be helpful in the decoration of their home. There is a wide range of indoor plants available in the market. The Jade plant is one indoor plant which also purifies the air. It is a natural air purifier and can be kept in rooms. The pot of this plant is covered with a piece of jute covering to help the plant retain the temperature. Kit kat chocolates are also sent along with this gift.

  • Dairy milk gift hamper

A small basket is used to accommodate this gift. The basket is decorated with ribbons furs and net cloth. Inside the wide space of the net, dairy milk chocolates are arranged vertically in two layers. This looks like a pretty basket bouquet of dairy milk chocolates.

  • Bamboo plant

Popularly known as the lucky bamboo, this plant is sacred and spreads prosperity. This double-layered bamboo plant is planted inside a glass jar filled with water. A pineapple cake accompanies this gift. The pineapple cake is as white as snow and it is decorated with pieces of pineapples and cherries on the surface. This delicious cake gives the Aroma and taste of pineapple and cream in every bite.

  • Lovely handbags

If you are buying something to surprise your female best friend or your girlfriend or sister, then this is one of the combinations which will save you. This combination contains handbags in a set of three. The handbags are sent in three different sizes. The bigger one is ideal for shopping or carrying it on trips while the middle and the small one are useful for bringing it to the office and parties respectively. This collection in baby pink with decoration in gold makes the bag look attractive.

  • Roses 

The gift which can reflect your love and emotion instantly is a beautiful bouquet of roses. This pretty bouquet is prepared with a bunch of fresh Red roses mixed with leaves and tiny white flowers. The outer covering of this bouquet is made by using a sheet of cellophane which is transparent. The base of this bouquet is held together by tying red ribbons. Send roses online with all the matchless features that had never been witnessed before.

  • The signature perfume

If you are gifting this gift to your best friend or partner who is a mail then this is the right choice. This Axe signature perfume is a leading best seller for men. The Aroma of this perfume is pleasant. This is a different gift which you can give him on his birthday.

  • Smartwatch

This 21st century is growing with something in each decade. Post pandemic people have become aware and they have started exercising. Eating healthy and monitoring your lifestyle is essential these days. This watch provides the feature of personal activity intelligence and is helpful in health tracking. The battery life of this watch is 2 weeks which is more than any other gadget. This watch from MI is a good gift which you can give to your loved ones on their birthday.

There are exclusive gift collections available for you to surprise your friends and relatives. Buy online gifts and send them to receive their happiness.

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