Top 5 Best College Graduation Gift Ideas for Him and Her in 2022

Graduations are a significant milestone worth celebrating with those who have cheered you on since Day 1. To create the ideal graduation gift, it is necessary to consider the recipient’s taste. Consider what they are good at, their accomplishments, and every hurdle they had to cross the past few years and their plans. If you know what they plan to be doing in the future, whether starting a new job or heading off to a different city, you can make customized college graduation gift ideas to get them excited. Once you pick your gift, upload the pictures you think fit best.

A personalized gift could celebrate their plans or commemorate all the memorable moments from the past several years. Depending on the gift you choose, you can personalize the photo layout and add text, embellishments, and loving messages whether you’re looking for graduation gifts for him or gifts for her.

Help the recent grad in your life celebrate this momentous occasion. Check these unique college graduation gift ideas for your favourite new graduate.

college graduation gift ideas
  1. Custom Phone Case

As a new professional heading out of the nest, remind your favourite grad of home every time they reach out for their phone. A customized iPhone case comes in all of the popular sizes today. Pick between a simple silicone-lined or a slim case option to ensure their phone survives any tumbles. Then, adore the case with your favourite family photo, a memorable moment from their childhood, or your favourite grad and their best friend squad.

  1. Graduation Hoodie

It’s time to replace that college sweatshirt with a personalized graduation hoodie. This DIY personalized gift allows you to add the image, personalized message or college logo of your choice. Pick up to eight photos in a grid to showcase their best moments since high school. Use the online customization tool to add photos, fun fonts or a combination of both.

  1. Work-Ready Desk Accessories

Are they heading out for their first real-world job right after graduation? Help them brighten up their new desk with photo-adorned desk accessories. First, add personalized messages like “proud graduate” with the name of their alma mater and favourite graduation day picture. Then, make it a gift set by adding a collection of colourful sticky notes, high-quality pens, and other new desk essentials.

  1. Surprise Celebration

Want to spice up the same old graduation party plans? Gather friends and family in your grad’s favourite restaurant to continue the after-party celebration after it’s all over. Use this day to snap some memorable moments that you can weave into customized photo gifts to create before they take the next giant leap in life. Host a virtual celebration to honour your favourite grad if you can’t get the gang together.

  1. Personalized Planner

There’s nothing like a customized plan to get you pumped up for new projects on the horizon. Pick out a personalized planner with a name, special message, or photo on the cover of the notebook. Each page includes a personalized calendar and a space for important notes. For a custom touch, include a few motivational quotes and reminders to call home after their long day at work at their first big job.

Final Thoughts

If you’re shopping for a just-graduated college student, show your college grad how proud you are of their accomplishments with these college graduation gift ideas for him and her will delight any 2022 college grad.

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